How it all started…

My Goal is to make Prayer Beads AND To Spread the Word about getting EARLY SCREENED for cancer! 

Hi, my name is Sienna.

My mom, Joy, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer in June of 2016.
It was really hard and very scary!

I started making her inspirational prayer beads and surprising her with them to cheer her up. I would put them in the bag she would bring to her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It really made her happy and gave her hope! She said it reminded her that sheis not alone.

We came up with an idea shortly after to make and give out my prayer beads to the other cancer patients at Tampa General Hospital. Everyone really liked them and it gave them hope and made them cheerful!❤️

We also started making and giving out my prayer beads to Children’s homeless shelters, delivering them to local hospitals and mailing them out, when someone was in need of HOPE!:) They said the beads would remind them that they are not alone in their fight, and that other people are praying for them and thinking about them.

I recently taught my classmates at Gorrie Elementary School, how to make the prayer beads. We are delivering them to many sick people, and many people that just need to know there is hope. We get many requests to make these and deliver them to hospitals, or just an individual that needs them.
I hope to Inspire others and teach them how to help cheer up anyone needing it:)!
I started this website so people can request Prayer Beads, and also help me build the beads by donating to pay for the beads and mailing them.


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To request Prayer Beads, or a Prayer Beads group lesson, please email me!